Top 10 essential oil brands in the UK in 2022 - Fastivereview (2023)

Essential oils are natural scents that can be used for a variety of purposes, including personal aromatherapy, cleaning the home, and simply scenting the room.

We review the best aromatherapy brands and test their essential oils for quality, variety and potency. Deals that have passed rigorous quality tests, are kid and pet friendly, and can even be bought in bulk are some of our favorites. We have compiled a list of the top 10 essential oil brands.

Top 10 essential oil brands in Germany 2022

1. Aura Cacia Essential Oil

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Aura Cacia providesthe widest range with dozens of options to choose from (including pure essential oils as well as targeted essential oil blends). There are no synthetic preservatives, colors or fragrances in any of Aura Cacia's essential oils. If you don't mind spending a little more, you can choose from the organic or premium range in addition to the standard range, which comes in multiple sizes (up to 16 ounces).

Aura Cacia's product line goes beyond pure essential oils to include aromatherapeutic mists, bath salts and skin care products.

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2.Introduction to doTERRA essential oil

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The doTERRA Essential Oils Introductory Kit contains 5mL Lavender, 5mL Lemon, and 5mL Peppermint. The introductory kit is an excellent starting point if you are new to essential oils.

A new standard of therapeutic grade essential oils is what they aim to bring to the world, in line with the brand's mission statement. The doTERRA CPTG quality protocol is applied to each batch of essential oils prior to distribution. This ensures that every batch is the same in terms of potency, purity and consistency.

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3.Herbal medicine essential oil

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Plant Therapy maintains a close working relationship with the farmers and producers who supply the raw materials for its products. Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, each plant is sourced from an individual grower to ensure it thrives in the best possible environment. Additionally, Plant Therapy employs certified aromatherapists to ensure the precisely formulated oil blend delivers the most effective results.

They supply a wide range of organic oils and conduct all of their research without the use of animals. To ensure safe and effective use, phytotherapy provides dilution tables.

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4.Aromavita Essential Oil of Oregano

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Mediterranean Oregano Essential Oil is steam distilled from USDA certified organic oregano with no solvents, preservatives or additives. The Carvacrol content in Greek Oregano Oil Supplement is over 86%. Every order of oregano extract comes with a certificate of chemical analysis.

Wild oregano has traditionally been used to support digestive, respiratory and joint health. If you have a skin problem, apply a few drops of oregano oil mixed with olive oil to your skin or inhale the steam.

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5.Eden's GardenVolatile oil

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Peppermint has a fresh, refreshing scent with minty layers of sweetness. Diffuse peppermint near your desk or inhale gently. Being present and focused on the task at hand takes focus, but sometimes we all get a little nervous.

Edens Garden products are subjected to several rounds of testing. We stand behind our products and are proud to offer 100% pure, therapeutic-grade oils that are free of bases, fillers, and additives.

The freshness and quality of each product is monitored. To keep the therapeutic properties intact, each oil is stored in a temperature-controlled room with low light.

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6.Absolute Aroma High Altitude Organic Essential Oil

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Absolute Aromas uses only the highest quality essential oils sourced from around the world and this 100% pure organic Lavender essential oil is no exception. Lavender is a mild oil that is widely used in aromatherapy and known for its calming properties. Also known as Clonal Lavender, this lavender grows at low altitudes in the Provence region of France.

Its ester content is lower than Altitude Lavender, giving it a slightly sharper and earthy aroma. To relax after a long day, mix 4 drops of lavender and 2 drops of marjoram with 10ml of coconut oil, shake in warm water and relax.

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7.Ellia Aroma essential oil blend

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Geranium Essential Oil is a delicate, floral scent that is encouraging and uplifting. It can be applied topically or mixed with a carrier oil to inspire positivity and awaken the senses. Combine geranium with lavender, grapefruit or patchouli.

Use Ellia essential oils to uplift your spirits, transform your space and open your senses. Ellia oils are carefully sourced and tested to ensure they are 100% pure.

Ellia works with a global network of growers to ensure all crops come from areas where they thrive. They are harvested, cold pressed or steam distilled to ensure exceptional quality and 100% pure essential oils.

Ellia essential oils are stored in premium violet glass bottles to ensure long-lasting potency and freshness. Unlike clear amber glass, it protects the oil's precious properties from UV damage.

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8.Nikura Cedar Essential Oil

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This cedarwood essential oil is native to the Himalayas and has a slightly stronger aroma than the closely related Atlas cedarwood. This oil is extracted from the trunk and branches of the cedar tree by steam distillation.

The aroma, with a woody and balsamic aroma, is startling and has a calming and calming effect that supports the body's emotional balance. It is also said to improve focus and concentration.

Spread in your living room or bedroom and breathe deeply, or dilute with a carrier oil and apply topically. This oil is also suitable for making candles and soap.

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9. Essential Oil Neom Perfect Peace

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Neom is known for creating fragrances that enhance your mood and well-being using 100% natural ingredients and this one is no exception.

With this product you can create a calming atmosphere. Rose and opulent neroli add delicate floral notes to the essential oil and let you imagine yourself in a flower meadow. Essential oil blends with rose and lavender essential oils will help you unwind after a stressful day. If you want to create an oasis of calm in your own home, this is the place to do it!

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10th Pure Essential Oil in the World

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Pure, undiluted lavender oil vapor distilled from the finest French lavender is the sole ingredient in this product. These products are thoroughly tested and bottled in the UK to ensure their purity. For aromatherapy purposes, these high quality essential oils are ideal.

A natural remedy said to help calm the mind and body. Put 2 drops of pillow scent on a handkerchief near your pillow at night to help you sleep better. It can also be applied to the skin as a calming, soothing agent. This product does not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances or SLES/SLS. To ensure you're getting the purest essential oil, they don't use any fillers, additives, or artificial substances.

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How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Brands?


When spreading or applying essential oils directly to the skin, you need to make sure they are made from quality ingredients. So start by reading the label. Fillers, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances or colorings may be present in the essential oil you choose to purchase. The term therapeutic grade indicates that the product is free from artificial ingredients. Also look out for terms that indicate quality, such as "certified organic", "kid-friendly" or "pet-safe". Before purchasing, make sure the essential oil has been batch tested for quality. This means that the oil has been checked for quality before it is sold and is therefore safe to consume.


When looking at essential oil brands, it's always a good idea to look at a variety of options. After all, if an essential oil company offers a wide variety of scents, you're more likely to find a scent you like. It's also a good idea to buy all of your essential oils from the same company so that re-ordering is as easy as possible. When shopping, look for a variety of scents, as well as a variety of other things.

accessibility and comfort

When shopping, look for signs of accessibility and convenience. Where can you find the essential oils you are considering? Are they reasonably priced? Are returns easy to do? Aside from quality and smell, these qualities are not as important as each other. It is a combination of these factors that can influence or detract from your experience with an essential oil brand. You'll be glad you did in the long run, too.

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To get the most out of essential oils, choose pure products from reputable companies that offer excellent customer service and third-party certification. The best products are useful for a variety of tasks, but they can also be used to freshen up your home. We sincerely hope that our list of the best essential oil brands has helped you choose the best one for your needs and preferences.

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